• January 2022, Younki Cho’s paper “Measuring absolute adsorption in porous rocks using oscillatory motions of a spring-mass system” is published at the Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering as a part of special issue dedicated to Prof. Jiayong Chen.


  • October 2021, Xiaolong presented Niels’ work “Virtual mass of an oscillating sphere” at the Society of Rheology Annual Meeting.
  • October 2021, Xiaolong presented Ziming Zhu’s work “Filtration of hydrocarbons in Niobrara shales and effect of gas huff-n-puff” at the Fall Topical Meeting of the SPWLA.
  • August 2021, Muhammad Airlangga graduated with MS thesis “Improved Oscillations Method for Measuring Net Gas In-Place with Capillary Condensation”!
  • April 2021, Ziming Zhu’s paper “Experimental measurements and mechanisms of selective hindrance of oil mixtures in Niobrara shale” is published at Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering.
  •  March 2021, group’s joint paper “lattice Boltzmann simulation of phase equilibrium of methane in nanopores under effects of adsorption” is published at Chemical Engineering Journal.
  • March 2021, joint work of Jingwei Huang and Feng Xiao at Mines with University of Edinburgh “DEM-LBM simulation of stress-dependent absolute and relative permeabilities in porous media” is published at Chemical Engineering Science.
  • March 2021, Ye Tian’s paper “An improved multicomponent diffusion model for compositional simulation of fractured unconventional reservoirs” is published at SPE Journal.
  • December 2020, Ye Tian successfully defended PhD dissertation: “Compositional Modeling of Gas Injection in Tight Oil Reservoirs”!
  • December 2020, Ziming Zhu successfully defended PhD dissertation: “Selective Hindrance during Oil Flow through Nanoporous Shale Rocks”!


  • November 2020, Niels Snow’s work on added mass of an oscillating sphere is presented at the AIChE Annual Meeting, in an online invited session to honor the retirement of Prof. Christine Hrenya. Happy retirement Christine!

  • October 2020, Walid Mahmud’s paper “Evaluation of a non-interactive bundle-of-tubes model for calculation of unsteady-state relative permeabilities with laboratory measurements” is published at Journal of Porous Media.

  • October 2020, Ziming Zhu presented his work on the effect of methane huff-n-puff on flows of oil through Niobrara shale at the ATCE, held online.

  • September 2020, group’s joint paper “Interfacial CO2-mediated nanoscale oil transport: from impediment to enhancement” is published at Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics.

  • July 2020, Ziming Zhu presented his work on the effect of CO2 on hindered flow of oil at the URTeC conference, held online.

  • February 2020, Ziming Zhu’s paper “Experimental and Molecular Insights on Mitigation of Hydrocarbon Sieving in Niobrara Shale by CO2 Huff-n-Puff” is accepted by SPE Journal.

  • January 2020, group’s joint paper “Heat and momentum transfer to a particle in a laminar boundary layer” is published at Journal of Fluid Mechanics.


  • December 2019, Theoza Nopranda successfully defended MS thesis, “Color-gradient lattice Boltzmann model for 3D multiphase flows with density ratios”!

  • November 2019, Siradon Prateepswangwong and Keerthana Krishnan’s work on added mass of porous solids oscillating in dense gas is presented at the APS DFD meeting, held in Seattle, Washington, USA.

  • November 2019, Jingwei Huang’s paper “Thermodynamic consistency of a pseudopotential lattice Boltzmann fluid with interface curvature” is published at Physical Review E.

  • October 2019, Riyadh Hanashmooni successfully defended PhD dissertation, “Multi-scale simulations of water flooding and surfactant flooding in microfluidic micromodels”!

  • October 2019, Ziming Zhu presented his work on the effect of CO2 huff-n-puff on hydrocarbon filtration at the ATCE held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  • July 2019, Ziming Zhu presented his work on hydrocarbon filtration at the UrTec conference in Denver, Colorado, USA.

  • May 2019, Xiaoqi Li’s work on simulation of proppant transport is presented at the 16th Fluidization Conference, held in Guilin, Guangxi, China.

  • April 2019, Keerthana Krishnan successfully defended MS thesis, “Using oscillations to detect capillary condensations in MCM-41”!

  • March 2019, Jingwei Huang’s paper “Diffusion tortuosity in complex porous media from pore-scale numerical simulations” is published at Computers and Fluids.

  • March 2019, Asm Kamruzzaman presented conference paper on non-invasive pressure sensing at Smart Structures and NDE for Energy Systems and Industry, Denver, Colorado, USA.

  • January 2019, group’s joint paper, “A hybrid lattice Boltzmann – random walk method for heat transfer in gas-solid systems”, is published at Journal of Computational Physics X.


  • April 2017, Zachary Larson and Younki Cho’s joint paper, “Experimental technique to measure mass under high pressure conditions using oscillatory motions of a spring-mass system”, is published at Measurement Science and Technology.
  • February 2017, Lei Wang’s paper “Apparent permeability of flow through periodic arrays of spheres with first-order slip”, is published at Powder Technology.